Lake Charles, LA – When Storms Come

Two Storms Lake Charles, LA is approximately 30 miles from Cameron Parish where Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27, 2020.  Laura had 150 mph winds when it struck, devastating Cameron Parish.  The winds remained around 130 mph when the storm struck Lake Charles. A little over six weeks later on October 11, Hurricane Delta hit … Read more

And then came Delta….

Just six weeks after Hurricane Laura devastated the Lake Charles, LA area Hurricane Delta made landfall in almost the same place with almost 100 mph winds and torrential rainfall…. Hurricane Laura had devastated the area. After six weeks some progress was beginning to take place and some buildings and homes were beginning to be repaired. … Read more

Out of the Ashes – Beirut Blast


Photos and videos of the Beirut blast reveal the complete desolation of portions of the city. Over 100 lives have been lost. Thousands have been injured and many more displaced. ReachGlobal MENA (Middle East & North Africa) missionaries serve in the region and have partners in Beirut—including the Free Church of Lebanon—who have seen the impact of the … Read more

ReachGlobal Crisis Response – Why do we do what we do?

Midland, MI In the middle of May, two dams failed near Midland, Michigan. Crisis Response sent several staff to work with Midland Evangelical Free Church to help rebuild homes and lives. The response from people in the surrounding community was wonderful. Partnering with Midland Evangelical Free Church, the team and volunteers helped dozens of homeowners … Read more

Worship and Ministry After the Lockdown Ends

What happens when the stay at home orders or lockdowns in your country or area end? What restrictions will be in required for churches to return to in-person worship services, small groups, and other meetings? This post outlines an illustrative set of restrictions in line with guidelines published by or being discussed by the US … Read more

Moving Towards the New Normal – What Happens When Your Lockdown Ends?

While governments around the world are still fighting COVID-19 and many regions have not yet reached the apex of the virus, it is time to think about what comes next.  The goal is for each country is to start moving back towards its pre-virus state as soon as possible.  How close an individual country will … Read more