Out of the Ashes – Beirut Blast

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Devastation in Beirut – After Every Crisis God Creates a Mission Field

Photos and videos of the Beirut blast reveal the complete desolation of portions of the city. Over 100 lives have been lost. Thousands have been injured and many more displaced. ReachGlobal MENA (Middle East & North Africa) missionaries serve in the region and have partners in Beirut—including the Free Church of Lebanon—who have seen the impact of the explosion firsthand. One of our partners shared the following:

“The explosion in Beirut impacted everyone in the city. Those we’ve spoken to have lost a friend, a family member, homes and businesses. By God’s grace, none of our friends or partners died, but there are many injuries and significant damage to property. Hospitals are overrun with wounded and much of their equipment has been damaged.”

Source: CNN

The Lebanese have been protesting government corruption since October. Since then, the government has become almost entirely dysfunctional. Their currency has lost 80% of its value, banks are limiting withdrawals, salaries have been cut, groceries are becoming scarce and expensive, and coronavirus hit them hard. Even before the Beirut Blast, people were really suffering. Our friends in Beirut sound exhausted, shocked and gravely sad. They are asking over and over for prayer.

Source: CNN

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