Hurricane Laura – Pray for Texas and Louisiana

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Hurricane Laura is now a Category 4 hurricane heading towards the Texas and Louisiana coast.  Expected landfall at present is near the Texas and Louisiana border.  Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 or Category 4 storm with winds approaching 145 mph.  

EFCA Churches

There are a number of EFCA churches that are in or near the “cone” and could be impacted by the storm.  Please be praying for these churches, the church members, pastors and their communities.  The eye of the storm is currently projected to come very close to Christ Community Church in Beaumont.

Please pray for protection from this storm and that there would be minimal property damage.  Also be praying for ministry opportunities after the storm.  

We pray that God would use this time to draw people to Him and make disciples. In these uncertain time, we know that many people are asking Why?, Why now? Why me? Why God?

As Christians, we have the answer to this question, which is Christ.  Whether it is a hurricane, flood, Covid-19 or other crises, God is our rock during any storm.  

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