From Death to Life

The church building where I am serving is over 100 years old and was once owned by a Jewish man who fled Poland in WW2. The Nazis and the Ukrainians and local Polish people who collaborated with the Nazis during the war, took over the building. They knocked a hole in the wall, where the … Read more

Escape from Mariupol

The following is a conversation I had with two women who just arrived in Poland from Mariupol, Ukraine.  The conversation was conducted with the assistance of a translator.  My question was simple, what have the last two or three weeks been like for you and your family? This is their story. Tonya and Sverta’s Story … Read more

hrubieszow, Poland

Hrubieszow, located on Poland’s national roadway 74, is 4 to 5 km from the Ukrainian border and the home of Kościół Ewangelicznych Chrześcijan. This church is at one of the epicenters of the Ukrainian refugee crisis. The church is small and has had to deal with much during the last 2 years including the death … Read more

Arrived in Poland

I landed in Krakow last evening and I am staying at a local hotel tonight.  Tomorrow, I will drive to the border of Poland and Ukraine to a town named Hrubieszow (red pin on the diagram below).  It is just north of Lviv, Ukraine and about 4 hours east of Krakow and 3 hours south … Read more

Crisis in Ukraine

It seems unbelievable, thousands of dead, millions fleeing, cities being destroyed, over 400,000 soldiers fighting (Russian and Ukrainian) in Europe, with no end in sight. This is Ukraine today.  Tomorrow is uncertain for the 40+ million people that call it home.  Yet God has shown repeatedly that during and after every crisis He creates a mission … Read more