Do You Really Love Him?

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I would like you to meet my new friend Theo. I met Theo recently when I was in Moorehead City, NC working with our team that has been responding to Hurricane Florence for the last several years. I hope that you will watch the short video. It is inspiring to see this man’s love for his savior.

Challenges and Response

Theo, and his family have suffered some difficult circumstances over the last few years, including damage to his home from Hurricane Florence, a significant stroke that initially left Theo with the ability to only move his eyes, and recently a very close relative was shot and killed.

Many would be discouraged, depressed and/or angry. But my friend Theo, has a friend and savior that changed his life.

In our work with ReachGlobal Crisis Response, we meet hundreds of individuals and have the opportunity to share the gospel with many and see some come to faith.

A Man of Faith

We get a chance to encourage others where their faith may be wavering or where they may have doubts. We also get to know people who Christ has amazingly transformed.

Theo is one of those people. God has moved in his life and the life of his family in many ways. Through all of the trials and tribulations, Theo has come close to his savior and he asks us all a very poignant question. Do you really love him?

I hope you watch the video and get a chance to get to know Theo. I will be back in Moorehead City in February of next year and I cannot wait to go talk to my new friend.

What Can You Do?

I need your prayer and support.  I have officially taken on the role of leading our training team to help churches prepare for crisis events. I am going to be traveling more to encourage churches to send teams as well as visiting and serving at our sites and helping to lead training sessions at churches.  I will also be visiting some of our international locations. I need your prayers for:

  • Wisdom as we reach out to train churches and encourage them to serve
  • Safety for travel domestically and internationally
  • Boldness in gospel encounters that God puts in my path
  • Safety and encouragement for my family when I am away
  • Wisdom for our Lead Team as they seek God’s direction for our ministry
  • Safety for teams traveling to serve at our various sites
  • Homeowners to hear and be transformed by the message of the gospel
  • Volunteers to be discipled and grow in Christ
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Let me know if you would like more information. I would love to share with you how this ministry is impacting the lives of hurting people.

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